Friday, September 4, 2009

pep band

there is something so unfailingly wonderful about pep band.

i know people grumble about being forced to give up their friday nights to support the jocks, but i disagree.

i absolutely love spending the evening with my favorite people, playing brainless music, taking tempos fast to spite the cheerleaders, attempting instruments i can't play, and spending 3rd quarter avoiding the student section. 

but today was a little out of the ordinary. in fact, it was downright adventurous. 

i got a sliver stuck in my rear end! this was no wimpy sliver either. it's the kind that can pierce through a good pair of jeans without a problem. like the kind that seems to be as big around as a q-tip. (and that is minimal exaggerating.) 

so during 3rd quarter when the band wasn't playing, i had to sneak about a quarter mile back to the school with sabrina to find a discreet place to remove the splinter. it ended up being the most adventurous thing i've ever done at a football game - i pretty much flashed the opposing team's locker rooms from the hallway outside the locked door. (which was, luckily, down some stairs and away from windows)

she saved my life!!!!

happily, the sliver came right out, but get this - it was bloody! 

so aside from the adventure, it was a pretty marvelous kick off to the pep band season, and, i suppose, the school year.

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