Monday, September 21, 2009


it was love at first sight.

i went bass shopping with my parents a few weeks ago. pete's bass shop is the premier luthier in town, so we naturally headed there. after trying out several chinese basses, pete pointed to a bass in the corner and indicated i should try it out.

i suppose it would be more accurate to say it was love at first pizz. (pizzicato - to play a stringed instrument by 'plucking' the strings)

it stood out impossibly well against the rest. literally too good to be true. i was able to take it home for a while to try it out, and not a thing could convince me it wasn't perfect.

and today it is officially mine. giddy would be an understatement. i don't have pictures because while it was at home, i was far too busy practicing to take photos, and now it is in the shop until thursday getting touched up to be brought home.

naming suggestions? that could keep me occupied until thursday. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

week 1

so summer is pretty solidly over.

i don't remember a single week (let alone a 4-day one!) seeming to stretch out so long. it'll be a tough year, filled with lots and lots of work. but such is the typical junior year, so i've heard.

i have a feeling my blog will suffer as the workload builds.

so, to over-dramatize things, until winter break...

Saturday, September 5, 2009


...played at half the tempo it should be as a quasi-ballad makes for a fun saturday night.

with that whole money thing added in, i could really get used to this gigging thing.

Friday, September 4, 2009

pep band

there is something so unfailingly wonderful about pep band.

i know people grumble about being forced to give up their friday nights to support the jocks, but i disagree.

i absolutely love spending the evening with my favorite people, playing brainless music, taking tempos fast to spite the cheerleaders, attempting instruments i can't play, and spending 3rd quarter avoiding the student section. 

but today was a little out of the ordinary. in fact, it was downright adventurous. 

i got a sliver stuck in my rear end! this was no wimpy sliver either. it's the kind that can pierce through a good pair of jeans without a problem. like the kind that seems to be as big around as a q-tip. (and that is minimal exaggerating.) 

so during 3rd quarter when the band wasn't playing, i had to sneak about a quarter mile back to the school with sabrina to find a discreet place to remove the splinter. it ended up being the most adventurous thing i've ever done at a football game - i pretty much flashed the opposing team's locker rooms from the hallway outside the locked door. (which was, luckily, down some stairs and away from windows)

she saved my life!!!!

happily, the sliver came right out, but get this - it was bloody! 

so aside from the adventure, it was a pretty marvelous kick off to the pep band season, and, i suppose, the school year.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


so i think it's time to bring a focus to my blog.

i have to say, blogging has been a whole lot of fun. not only is it a way to vent my thoughts, it's an aesthetically pleasing way to vent my thoughts. (is there honestly anything better?)

all the best blogs i know of and want to emulate have some sort of focus - my wonderful cousin rachel blogs about motherhood. oh, mishka blogs
about the beautiful little things in life. on the nienie dialogues, the story of the painful aftershocks of a tragedy unfolds while hope manages to fight through the sadness.

but i digress.

cheesy as it sounds, blogging is at its best when it involves ones passion. it's interesting that i stumbled upon blogger at a point where it was time to decide what i wanted to do with my life; i had to figure out what my passion was.

the phrase "when i grow up i want to..." has been followed by many answers over the years of my childhood, from teacher, to stanford graduate, to professional surfer.

and what is my passion? fitting with the theme of this post, (which i really hope you'
ve picked up on by now) i'd have to say time.

time is a musical term, loosely connected with, but not to be confused with, tempo, the 'speed' of a given piece. i could write about time for hours, but for sanity's sake, it involves a perfect mix of constant tempo and soul. also, i'm in love with it.

whether you realize it or not, time is what makes good music good. a failed attempt at time is what makes bad music bad, in most cases. and it's something i strive for every second my fingers are touching my instrument.

and good music is what makes me want to get out of bed every morning and experience this world. it's no longer ever a sense of obligation. how lucky am i to have found this?

i feel this aching urge every gift of a day to make something out of it. which brings me back to my blog. here is an opportunity for you, whoever you may be, to watch me try to make something out of it.

music school?
band teacher?
world-famous composer?

who knows? but whatever the future holds for me, it's time to get started. and i'll be blogging about it every step of the way!