Monday, January 18, 2010

in case you were wondering...

  • passed my driving test with almost a perfect score
  • realized my finals this semester don't scare me
  • started work on vivaldi sontata #5 for competition season (THAT scares me)
  • had my first ham sandwich in close to 2 years
  • fallen in love with ralph waldo emerson
  • practiced more this weekend than the last two weeks combined
it's been a good week.


  1. congrats on passing your driving test! do you get out much on your own? or still a little gun shy?
    first ham sandwich??? wow. what gave?

  2. Hi-5!!! i knew you would pass!! GREAT JOB!!

  3. thanks!! i've been out a couple of times. the parents are still a little uneasy about the whole thing haha.
    and deli sandwiches were for lunch this weekend. i took one look at the tofurky package and decided i was through.