Sunday, November 8, 2009

quarter 1

how it feels knowing i officially have more of high school behind me than ahead of me:
absolutely fantastic.

quarter grades:
not as fantastic.
but nonetheless life feels pretty spectacular right now. i guess life goes in cycles of various cosas* being 'in place' at various times. it's nice when they all line up. maybe things get complicated eventually, but all i know is that i've slept more this weekend than during the entire previous week, people are well again, i'm nearing in on a time when i'll be able to practice once again, and i'm listening to a song on repeat that sounds like falling in love. (which i have linked to on this blog about 1,296 times more than necessary, so i won't again.)

*my brain works better in spanish sometimes. 'cosas'='things', but is more sophisticated, in my head.

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